Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New Rules of Engagement

We should retire the word "tribe" for awhile. Its connotations are belittling, limiting, and misleading. Especially if you're talking about a nation. No one would speak of "tribes" when they mean nations in western Europe the way we speak of "tribes" in the Americas.

You're right. Your situation probably isn't your fault. How you deal with it, however, is entirely your responsibility.

DiY need not imply Lo Fi.

"I love you," is the easiest thing in the world, to say. But if you say it easy enough, nobody really pays any attention to it. Therein lies no lesson.

The words "magick" and "science" should be retired. They both stink of mysticism and amphigory, and we're not totally sure whether Aiwass could beat up the angel who talked to Descartes, or the other way 'round.

On entering a new place, to find the backdoor, and any extra exits. Then make it a point, to always leave by the front.

Only nothing is impossible. And, yet, we've mapped out that territory pretty well, too.

Sometimes, it's worth letting yourself be taken in, especially if the con ends on a really entertaining note.

It's important to bear in mind, when making absurd and passionate declarations, that as a human being it is your right and nature to be wrong some of the time.

If God, The World, or Anything Else, really despised us, wouldn't things like chocolate, chili dogs, rainbows, and warm little kitten breath stop being enjoyable? Pragmatic gnostics who insist that life is pain, are not so inspired because they fear pain, but because they fear sensation.

Thomas Wolfe is dead, and cannot publish any more. Tom Wolfe is alive, and continues to publish. This is nowhere near as balanced as it appears.

Always be suspicious of sorites.

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