Saturday, October 11, 2008

FEM Unbound!

So, Future Earth Magazine. Many of you have e-mailed to say how fun the mag is, or how cool, or that you're just amazed it actually got released. And I appreciate the commentary. I'm sure everyone involved appreciates it.

Why not tell people who don't know about the magazine? Tell your coworkers. Tell your friends. And tonight is Ladies Night at the Palace Hotel Ballroo... you get the idea. Go forth and flick hype like holy water at the great unwashed.

When you order a complicated drink, throw our url in there too.

When they ask you what it means that you're keeping a toothbrush at their place now, don't mumble and don't fret, tell them FEM is free for download.

When someone starts yammering on about how Dworkin said all intercourse was rape, don't argue with them, distract them from their misinformation with a plug for our site, and correct them while their brain is disarmed by nonsequitor.

Or, just put up a quick note on your blog, a MySpace bulletin, a plug at your favorite online forum. Whether it's notes in bottles or pillow talk, we appreciate the effort.

Hipper than Entertainment Weekly, more Goofus and more Gallant than Highlights, and less illegal than Pure - - Know it. Love it. Share it.

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