Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Future Earth Magazine

Future Earth Magazine is now available for download from it's very own site now! It's free! It's downloadable! It's helping to clog up the intertubes, people! Do your part to ruin Ted Stevens day!

Future Earth Magazine is an online anthology of arts and time, showcasing beautiful and horrendous works from some of the finest writers, painters, musicians and models of this future or any other. We seek to promote work that would normally be isolated from specialist or genre-situated anthologies for being too much X or not having enough L to satisfy some imaginary and detrimental stereotype or outmoded structure.

Submissions for the upcoming "fairytales" volume are being accepted now, at future_earth_mag@yahoo.com and even if it isn't very fairytale (betcha it actually is, if you look at it right!), send us anything really entertaining anyway. As always, we are interested in works that violate genre or niche expectations, and remind us of the complexity of the individual, the masses, and every level and permutation of culture.

Fairytales may be the ultimate structure of both leisure and educational presentation, as well as ninety-three percent of all the news stories we receive from the media every day. That statement, itself, is a sort of fairytale. We want fiction, nonfiction, real life, true life, realism, surrealism, abstraction and delicate specific deliberation, we want stuff so excessively made up you couldn't even recount the thing with a straight face.

We will continue accepting new material, previously unpublished, through December 2008. All submissions should be sent in attachment to future_earth_mag@yahoo.com and have a short bio appended. No one will be notified of acceptance before the end of the official call period. Multiple submissions of continual submissions are gladly received and there is no word count or similar content limitation in place. We may not publish you're eight novel series, but just about anything else is
fair game.

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