Saturday, October 11, 2008

Links Links Links

As co-editor and resident neurotic cheerleader for FEM, I think it's probably a good idea to put up a bunch of links to the various supergeniuses and creative lovelies who've contributed to Future Earth over the years... er, months.

Daniel Rappaport, co-editor and publisher of the mag, can be found here.

The other co-editor of Volume One is right here.

And, contributors? How 'bout these for starters:

Jan Beatty

Sherwin Bitsui

Joseph Boeing

Allison Hedge Coke and overe here, as well.

Layli Long Soldier

Our ace cover artist, Maarika.

Ben Rawluk

and Anne Waldman here and here, too.

In case you haven't got enough of me here, I'm reachable at MySpace when I remember to check it. But, really, the people above are far more interesting and entertaining, so go check'em out! Let them know you want to see more of their work in FEM!

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