Tuesday, March 20, 2012

An Artist and a Grown Up – An Interview with Holly Golightly

If there is an aspect of the comics industry that Holly Golightly hasn't been involved in professionally, I can't think of it. Writer, penciler, colorist, model, and VP of BroadSword. Her work has appeared in Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, Josie and the Pussycats, New Witch Magazine, School Bites, Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose, and on cups, t-shirts, posters, ads and other non-comics items.

Travis Hedge Coke: “You've worked on comics for BroadSword and Archie, which presumably have different levels of comfort about content. Do you deliberately tailor your work to the kind of publisher or the perceived market? Or, does it happen more naturally?”

Holly Golightly: “Now I don't think in cold calculated terms, If you were a Host for a children's show like Sesame Street, you don't jump in front of the camera dropping F-bombs or waving a gun around like Al Pacino, rip your blouse open and scream- "Say Hello to my little friends!"...It's common sense as an artist and a grown up what's appropriate for which audience you feel you're addressing.”

Hedge Coke: “How responsible do you feel about the contents of comics you work on? Responsible to your audience, to comics history, or to yourself.”

Golightly: “Well if it's my project, then I'm completely responsible to myself to be as honest as I can be in telling the story I've decided to tell. One can not be responsible for others' reactions. We all come from different backgrounds and what I find happy and groovy, because how I was raise may not jive with another and vice versa! Comicbook history?! er...I don't think about that...I think about the comics that influenced and made me happy in the past- that to me is my Comicbook history.”

Hedge Coke: “Have you ever been part of something in a comic that you couldn't have imagined would get anyone's dander up, only to be cautioned by someone above you at the publisher or find it enraged folks after publication?”

Golightly: “If that has happened - it was with no intent from me to do so, but any button could get pushed...Heck- Toy Story 3 freaked me out and gave me the willies! Don't think they meant to do that, but it happens.”

Hedge Coke: “Have you ever seen someone's contribution to a comic you worked on and been, if not offended, concerned about some content of their contribution?”

Golightly: “Well I've been working with Jim in our own company for 11 years now, so I really don't work with anyone else. So there's no one else here but us chickens! And I'm proud of everything we create. : )”

Hedge Coke: “What encouraged you do the one-offs in School Bites about your cat?”

Golightly: “My Cat! He's just such a character and I like doing true to life silliness.”

Hedge Coke: “I like them, and contrary to "common wisdom" I think stepping out of the story into something connected to the person making the comic can actually bring you more into the story when it comes back, a different level.”

Golightly: “www.schoolbites.net is my Theatre and I get to decide the plays that are performed and then perform them- That's fun for me! And I think because I'm having fun, so is the audience.”

Hedge Coke: “How much do you draft and tweak before the publishable versions of most of your comics work? Do you feel you get better if you revisit a page or a story several times or is first shot best?”

Golightly: “I just do it and pray I didn't make any spelling mistakes or that my spellcheck messed with me! I have little time to spend creating because of all the different duties there are running our company with Jim....So you just do-or do not- there is no try!”

That url Holly shared for you up above? www.schoolbites.net? You should go there and enjoy.

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