Monday, October 4, 2010

New SD Article & AWP Reading

Sequential Daze has a new article on comics theory, practice, and potential up for free. Some of the comics people covered, include: Alan Moore, Kathy Acker, Bill Keane, Charles Schultz, Donald Rooum, Bryan Hitch, Warren Ellis, Kevin O'Neill, Kenichi Sonoda, Ira Marcks, Jack Kirby, Keiko Nishi, William Blake, Garth Ennis, and Alison Bechdel. The essay covers several ways comics' critics and audience have attempted to limit the genre, their reasons, and how voicing them with authority can cause a general audience to believe the limitations necessary or right. Then, the limitations get stabbed, kicked, and dissected to make sure they're unnecessary, which, mostly, they are (and detrimental, too).

At the last Associated Writing Programs' conference, in Denver, Colorado, I was a replacement reader on a panel of University of Nebraska at Kearney's Sandhill Crane Retreat fellows. AWP has decided to make it one of the two panels they are releasing podcasts of, for AWP members. I read about four new poems and talk a bit about not embarrassing the birds, but I'm possibly the least interesting contributor to the panel, which includes such luminary writers as Wang Ping, Sherwin Bitsui, Christina Eisenberg, and my own wonderful mother, Allison Hedge Coke. You should give it a listen for them, and enjoy my bit while you're at it.

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