Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Speaking of Which

I really don't like the sound or cadence of my voice much. Almost, at all. Some people have just marvelous speaking voices, and others have at least notable or distinctive voices. I have... a voice I am very very used to. I've heard my voice a lot. Once in awhile I'd like to open my mouth and hear Roy Orbison or Peter Dyneley's Jeff Tracy, maybe Julie Andrews. I'm possibly being too harsh on myself, and people keep telling me I am, but no amount of other people telling you something actually puts you over when you feel something negative, yourself, right? That seems to only work in the other direction.

The only small comfort I afford myself is that I am pretty critical of a lot of other folks' voices, as well. There are some hideously bad people out there reading aloud, performing aloud, singing or speaking when they really shouldn't be, on top of the beautiful public speakers and talented vocalists we have working in the world.

Which, is all a very longwinded way to a link which is only partly about me, is a bit old now, and includes some really excellent people besides. From the Lumberyard and featuring Marilyn Nelson, Patricia Smith, Orlando White, Amy Uyematsu, Harryette Mullen, Jennifer Foerster and more.

And, while we're on the subject of voices, if you are interested in participating in an online reading and panel discussion about identity politics, individual presentation and representation, and other stimulating topics, hosted by Future Earth Magazine, please drop a line at and we'll see about fitting you in.

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