Sunday, April 26, 2009

FEM 2: Fairytales

Featuring Heather Riccio, Adrian Castro, Mab Jones, Rick Marlatt, Ching-In Chen, Ann Marie Trietley, Zachary Kluckman, Allison A Hedge Coke, and more! Including a new series of paintings by the fabulous Melissa Regas, and photographs full of sword and gun goodness with Alex Bahr and Lauren Shoemaker from photographer and filmmaker Joseph Boeing! And a screenplay by Caroline (Nightmare Before Christmas, The Secret Garden, and The Addams Family) Thompson!

edited to say: Woooo! We're runing a George MacDonald adaptation by Caroline Thompson! We got new Adrian Castro poems! Rick Marlatt is publishing everywhere under the sun right now and we still got a few pieces from him! Daniela Gioseffi! Roger Weaver! Zita Muranyi!

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