Saturday, April 25, 2009

Call for Submissions - FEM - Food

Food. Sustenance is more than just meat and potables, and when it comes down to it, it’s true, you can’t live on bread alone. You can’t live without, either. That’s hunger, need or desire, and that’s something only you know for yourself when it comes on you. You can prescribe, proscribe, and analyze for others all you want, but you don’t know somebody else’s hunger, you know your own. You hypothesize all hunger that is not yours. But, that’s alright, because clearly the world hasn’t stopped going ‘round and as artists and creative types, hypothesizing and extrapolating is part of your thing. You can, in fact, hypothesize other people’s hunger away (they don’t need that, they’re just addicted; it takes days to starve to death), but rationalizing off your own hungers is a whole different animal. Yours are real, and the rest, hypothetical.

Enter, empathy, stage left, but anyway…

Future Earth Magazine wants you to feed us, or to make us hungry if you want to be cruel about it. Give us consumption, desire, hunger, digestion or reclamation. As always, all visual and written mediums welcome in digital copies/representation, be it fiction, nonfiction, prose or poetry, paintings or sculpture, leatherwork or lyrics, comic strips or triptychs or technical essays. We want it all, the whole all you can eat buffet of entertainment and infotainment.

Send via attachment in an e-mail, along with a short bio, to and further information at the website.

Thank you all.

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