Friday, March 6, 2009

Soon There Will Be Toy

All Edwin Hawks would like is a peaceful, quiet life making toys for peaceful, quiet children. His king insists he design bridges and buildings and various things that would help him win wars and flatten foreign armies. His god - who is insane, unstoppable, unfathomable, and repressive as can be - wants him to journey halfway across Earth to prove himself, and prove how great his god is for giving him such a task. Along the way, he encounters politicians at neverending parties, revolutionaries in a city of orphans high in the treetops of a deep wood, pirates, dancers, kangaroos, talking foxes, and a remarkable young girl, named Puck.

Puck has little time for peace and quiet, seeking at the tender age of early double-digits to steal pretty things, blow up ugly things, and physically assault then run away from police officers and other respectable adults in uniforms, who believe she should stop stealing and exploding stuff. But it's okeh to steal stuff when some people have everything and you don't right? Or to blow the walls off prisons full of innocent people? To stop a wagonload of slaves and free them before robbing the driver of the wagon?

Both Edwin and Puck are sure they can correct the other's naivete with a subtle but persistent touch, and so we're off, while the world falls apart around them and furious magickal forces war in the skies and streets, across vast oceans and in the temporary shadows of a twilit alleyway.


Dedicated to ethical pioneers everywhere and everywhen, and to the noble souls who stumbled along the way.

Toy to the World, written by yours truly, and produced by Daniel Rappaport, will feature artwork by Patti Gresham, Lou Ramano, Sheela Saankaram and many other great illustrators. It will be serialized online for free, aimed at adults and young adults by simply not presuming there's a great deal of comprehending difference and plugging along as its own animal and no other.

If you have kids, check it out before you let them read it. If you have parents, well, it's a bit hard to hide the computer under your mattress.

More info will follow, soon.

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