Friday, September 3, 2010

Status Updates

Future Earth Volume Four is very near release, but being an issue for tributes is a two-handed engine of Janus proportions, and we need the face smiling out at both readers and contributors. The previous three issues, including the extra-long third volume are still available free from the site and various other torrent and direct-download sources.

The Summer Edition of Florida Review features brand new Travis Hedge Coke type fiction. "Alien in Nature" is a They walk among us! tale, featuring a retiree who realizes his wife is not his wife, everyone is in danger, but what can you do when everyone else is oblivious without seeming nuts or just very petty?

The September issue of Sequential Daze opens with an article they solicited from me, called "How to Make it Work", where I tell you Frank Miller was right, everyone makes mistakes, and other controversial assertions. Mostly, it's concerned with the resuscitation of racist characters in corporate-owned comics, though, and what responsibility the artists, writers, editors and such might have in perpetuating those trademarks.

Oberon's Children may still be coming out from Pazzaria Productions, someday. It will still be a multimedia YA story featuring prose, illustrations, music and other exciting illuminating elements. It will probably cost something after a few tasters set out to entice you. The toymaker will still be designing weapons for a greedy king, the kids will still break every rule they can, an their god is still a micromanaging bogeyman. If you ever wondered what Robin Hood would be like if Robin was played by Grace Jones as a college dropout, this will give you some idea.

And, when I told you Hello, I told you all I know. If it isn't specified here, I'm the wrong person to ask. When I know more, I'll pass it on.

Thanks for the support, everyone.

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