Thursday, February 25, 2010

FEM IV - Better, Stronger, Crazier, More Right Than Ever

Just a reminder that Future Earth - which has featured excellent work by Arthur Sze, Joolz Denby, Caroline Thompson, Melissa Regas, Anthony Max, Jan Beatty, Anne Waldman, et al - is accepting submissions for volume 4 (Celebration/Holiday).

All forms of visual, written, and recordable-on-still-images art are appreciated, and what we'd really like is your crazy stuff, the stuff that doesn't fit niche markets or warps conventions. We want to see your hardcore essays, intense poetry, wild photography, insane fiction, mad jewelry, freaky makeup, cool sculptures, and gorgeous paintings.

Got some art that is too scary, too angry, too cute for most markets? We may want that.

FEM wants to see work that changes people, work that shines light on new perspectives and cracks up old perspectives to see if there are bits we can still us. We want you to submit these works, because we want to share them with the world at large. FEM intends to always be as useful as it is entertaining.

We accept multiple submissions.

Please send to and check out the mag, again (why not?) at hosted by former publisher and eternal friend of the mag, Daniel Rappaport.


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