Friday, January 22, 2010

Call for Submissions - FEM Volume Four

Celebrate! Future Earth Magazine’s fourth collection will focus on salutes, memorials, parties, happy moments, and the occasional holiday. Share your short fiction, poetry, paintings, photographs, sculptures, novel excerpts, lyrics, sculptures, make up designs, holiday or party clothes! Anything supercool enough to write home about, that can be fit in a PDF (or can be photo-documented and the photo fitted into a PDF), we at Future Earth want to see it. Let’s make Volume Four something to celebrate!

Send via attachment to along with a short bio. Previous Future Earth releases can enjoyed for free at or downloaded, from that site, as PDFs to take with you wherever you can take a PDF.

Spread the word! Spread the joy! Spread the bread around when you're loaded, spread the jam more when you're thin!

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