Sunday, July 12, 2009

Seeds in Your Mouth

Sherwin Bitsui's book-length poem, Flood Song is available for preorder on Amazon right now! You should secure a copy, so when it comes in a couple months, you'll have forgotten and the arrival will be a nice surprise.

Ignore the editorial review and its insistence that Sherwin "resist[s] being identified solely by race" (who doesn't, of those who are?) and focus on his strong body of previous work and the excerpts that have been released of Flood Son so far (including the brief, beautiful section we ran in FEM). His Whiting Award and Witter Brynner Grant were earned, as were appearances of his work in The Iowa Review, Future Earth Magazine, American Poet and elsewhere.

It's ten dollars and change. If I haven't convinced you, google around, see for yourself. Who's complaining? Anybody? Disappointed customers? Buy the book. Hell, the cover is worth ten bucks:

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