Saturday, May 2, 2009

FEM 2: Fairytales

The second volume of Future Earth Magazine is now available from the website as a pdf! With a focus on fairytales, it includes a series of fabulous paintings by Melissa Regas and others Anthony Max, poetry by Adrian Castro and Zita Muranyi, photography by Allison Hedge Coke and Joseph Boeing, as well as, of course, exceptional visual and written art from lots of other folks, including Caroline Thompson, Mab Jones, Charles Brooks III, Zachary Kluckman, Nicole Peters, Heather Riccio, Jon Walter, Ann Marie Trietley, Malcolm R Campbell, Daniela Gioseffi, Kimberly L Becker, Ching-In Chen, Kathryn Mueller, and more!

We are still accepting submissions for Volume Three (focusing on food, glorious food) and Vol. One remains available for free download as well.

Bonus points to anyone who promotes us via a link or blurb, or who throws up the file on their preferred torrent site.

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