Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Blatant Hyping

My good friend, co-conspirator, and sometime boss, Daniel Louis Rappaport has a new site up to show his mad skillz, full of music and graphics and designy things.

And, speaking of incredible skillsets and budgets beyond yours truly, filmmaker Aaron Schiebner has managed not to turn me into a vegan or vegetarian, but to appreciate eating meat even more. Which, isn't quite his goal, but it is a testament to the passion and significance he brings out in his subjects.

While,general badass Carl Soto has made me appreciate meat (and blood, and entertainment... and cake) more than before with his giddy indulgence in projects like these:

And Mindless Ones is full of interesting stuff that probably shouldn't fill me with the passion and significance vibes it does. Comics are good for you and good comics considerations are few and far between, so Mindless Ones is like that supercool edgy but TV-friendly outpost at the brink of madness. Like DS9. And may be partly made of meat, blood, and cake - I haven't confirmed.

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