Monday, December 22, 2008

FEM Updates

Future Earth Magazine contributor, Melissa Regas, has a new site showcasing her creative ventures, including some excellent new paintings and her PSL project (which I think can be judged best against the paranoid, misogynous, neophobic commentary it spawned).

Publisher and co-editor of the mag, Daniel Rappaport, has new blog going on.

And our other co-editor, Rose Hugh, should be less difficult to reach since she now has a new MySpace page.

FEM, itself, can be found on both facebook and MySpace.


For those who missed the reading in Palm Desert, there will be video shortly, but for now, you can enjoy a few teaser photos. Just pretend there are words coming out of the pictures and it's almost like being there, live.

FEM Vol 1 contributor, Allorah Wyman

Publisher and co-editor of FEM, Daniel Rappaport

and yours truly


To return the favor (even if they all probably reach more folks than this blog), here's to some of the fine sites that hyped Future Earth recently: 42blips, Variety-SF, and Futurismic.


And just for the hell of it, these are quite nice:

This is Heather Riccio's new website to showcase her writing, mostly focusing on her unpublished YA novel, The Imaginary School for Freaks, Geeks, and Others.

This is for a casual technofetishist or neophile what balls of string laced with catnip are to... yeah.

Feministing is generally sensible and catches all sorts of interesting, exciting, and sometimes head-breakingly-annoying news that might otherwise be missed. Really, there isn't just enough sensible and/or comprehensive news blogging (that isn't bullshit), so that's nice, and the retrospective stuff is good for perspective.

Which, brings me to Wonkette, because I am lazy and like my information boiled down and designed to protect my lingering sanity. Also, Obama Has Eerie Power To Read, Cloud Republicans’ Minds is the greatest headline in the past several months. This is truth.

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